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gist, director of the anatomical school at Florence,
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tions a little farther, and, perhaps will become as strong advocates for
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t ArohiT rar pathoL Anat nnd Ph7«loL, Band ziL, n. i
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of the meat examined there was tuberculous ; that a report of
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floor of the chamber ; by means of the exhaust fan the
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glands, so that it should only be used in those cases in which all other
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may result in death. It might possibly result in the formation of a
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become more and more rapid before death. The pulse ranged
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The disease presented in every instance the same general charac-
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by this plan, though not mumerous, are eminently satisfactory
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the year 1818. It is mentioned in general among the diseases of the lower jaw,
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"James W., aged 40, laborer, was admitted into the Royal Infirmary March 7,
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the present instance, as had been already stated, free sup-
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OsTBAXi>KB— WiLUAMSOir. Ou Wednesday, January 18, at the North
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rule, if a man has extensive disease of the lungs, and
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for respondents were 25%, 52%, 16%, and 6%, respec-
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takes place in the purulent fluid by which it is deprived of its infec-
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or even whole arm, become affected with involuntary jerking
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the lymphatic vessels and glands in the axilla. Secondary can-
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One ounce of fluid in bottle. Temperature of air and ether, 60° Fahr.
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The patient was a girl, aged twenty. Under chloroform, a small exploratory
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suppuration was established that these foreign bodies were dis-
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other uses that are deemed acceptable for not-for-profit
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throat, and over the skin of the patient during desquamation.
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having a patient recover after falling into my hands, and
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ignoring this latter point that the White index becomes theoretically
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Dr. Pollok thought highly of the iron splint. In these kind
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A Communication was received from Dr. Butler, Physician to the
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Wyatt Johnston returned from studying in Germany. The laboratory
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ties in the large majority of cases — I believe, in sixty per
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Rates Reasonable. Patients under the care of their own physicians, |