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the author. Editor's Address, No. 1004 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
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Electrical Terms and Expressions, on the Use of, 361
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Hemiplegia of the cortical type, due to destruction of the whole
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duction of Stomach Diseases. By Julius Pohlman, M. D., of
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the present moment when a senseless and sensational
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Third Edition. 8vo, with Engravings and Fac-simile Prescriptions, 14s.
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1. On compression of the jugular veins and vena cava descendens.
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this was of the nature of Asiatic cholera is not, in the light
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Examination of the heart shows in a certain proportion of
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A contrast of his method., with that of the most primitive medi-
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tion of the Uterus ; with Plates. By Graily Hewitt,
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omitted now, and he was given 15m. ter die of liq. ferri perchloridi,
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of the body ; at the same time that its superstructure
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given hypodermically, and there is no necessity of repeating
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of Old Deer embellished. A later portrait was taken of him by
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\°^<Zent o bone. The Haversian canals and bone-cells (lacuna;)
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has given it its name, is to-day abandoned — since we
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not so complete as in the other cases. Whether or not its
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•.. and the last dilatation of tin- pupils. '/', " and tofftS an- pure
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searches of men, who were already familiar with the properties
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reach the uterus, we may expect excellent results after this
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co o co cm ^ n t-_io <o o> w * w cm_o ^_ i-^ •<* co en ^t a> co co h» r~- co in co o co co ■>*• o
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me by one of my cases. A young girl had a tumor in the right
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regard for the welfare of others, and an energy and perseverance
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graduation on the same footing as men. A Diploma in Public Health is conferred after Examina-
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urethra, may result from the long duration of the dis-
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the nodal points, situated near the poiaterior sur-
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vagi it ought to slow the heart, but the effect upon the depressors would
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The operation was performed as above described, and he visited me at
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and subsequently observed the effects of their division.
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University as an agency is the educational head of the State. It has
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4. Alexander, S., Kleiger, R., and Lown, B. : Use of ex-
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was found in the second and third temporal convolutions,
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association with functional activity of the organs of generation
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Demerara, January 24. 1S67 ; William James Himt. L.R C.P. and L.S.A.,
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procedure, and a smaller number have had medicinal and climatic
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As soon as an operation is contemplated trained anaesthetizer, the operator should,
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the addition of a chapter on gun-shot wounds and other matters peculiar to military surgery. In
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The simplest condition demanding interference is the condition of
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lent virus, was dissolved in two or three times its bulk of sterilized
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in six or eight hours, if necessary. Put the patient to bed, give a
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cerebral congestion, alcohol would likely do harm. In
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of the patients. However, with full staff since October 1967 the
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Health Board had been simpl}- outvoted, and that all
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8, Brooklyn 7, Philadelphia, Washington and Cambridge 2 each,
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series which were explored, gall-stones were present. Kelynack, in an ex-
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R. Kuthe' has made some experiments with a new local anaes-
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and an imperfect interchange of gases due to diseased lung
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or less degree at the early period of inflammation ; and whether
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prominent, and the diaphragm pushed up, impeding respiration. At