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teristic temper, which I might describe as a mania for acting

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Center, Wadsworth Division, Los Angeles, California, and the University of

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If the colts can be conveniently separated from the

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difficulties, hereabouts, had been amicably settled, to

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that after incision of a gonorrheal pjosalpinx through

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folds of the mucous membrane; we consequently avoid all danger of

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weeks, having been a baker previously. A well marked lead line was

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steadily and as certainly as these seasons have recurred, till

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character, as in torpidity and hepatalgia, a course of treatment em-

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obtained from other localities. It is now pretty generally admitted that

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this region, intermittents being 24, and remittents 7 per cent. The third

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Laguerre. Our patient was a gentleman sixty years of age who

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less likelihood of outdate. (This conversion was beginning in

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three fourths of the cases were improved, the tumor and the troubles due to

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This matter of impaction from straw, hay, alfalfa, and dry

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patients. The sleeves of the gown extend to the wrists and are

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lisliing a sympathetic healing process in the diseased part,

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is now turned on, and every portion of the ship's side and

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sure to the fungicide rnaneb may produce symptoms and signs of CNS manganese

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eye; the quantity of purulent matter discharged from it amounted to several

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are seen “secondary” to QRS abnormalities such as hyper-

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following, are especially unfavorable. The prognosis in the individual case

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Rosenstein : Nierenkraukheiten. 2nd edition, p. 474. Berlin,

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sue and the peritoneum, consequent on some sudden change in

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245. Peach Sauce — Ingredients — Peaches, water, sugar.

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in which the constricting circle gave way, as in this case. Under these circum-

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tissue, which will break down before repair takes place. All these

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2 drms. brandy or rum added, to be given three times a day.

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as in the case of Amphiaraos, shows a close connection

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of blood through the heart ; in some few cases, possibly, upon

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hopeless to get reliable clinical reports from the action of these various,

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was sent for. When 1 arrived, half an hour later, he had

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areas adjacent to or in close proximity to the Indianapolis area.

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on only by the diaphragm, 18 per minute. The bladder was paralyzed ; the