patient had felt entirely well, and had regained flesh to within a few pounds

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inward, the instrument cannot well have too keen an edge.

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and metabolism where a group of individuals was considered, in other words,

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evidence for such a belief. One tree shows, in four generations, five cases

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narcotic strength of a given substance. He has compared the narcotic

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Since undertaking this work I have been impressed by the fact that in

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allusion to the value of a'-ray examinations as most of our cases

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the pleura. It had not invaded the vertebral column, or involved the spinal

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other rabbits, and in the affected portions of the successfully inoculated

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ed his dreadful habits of intemperance, and of making him a

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to special study. They are shown in abstract form in Table XVI.

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a large number of cases joint lesions developed with or without streptococci.

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been injected through the skin into the right jugular vein. In one

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total function from an anatomic study of l)ut a i)ortion of a gland,

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treated from the onset come to recollection; in four-fifths of the

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after passage through guinea-pigs. In spite of showing a general degree of

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Williams, Anna W., and Povitzky, Olga R. Growth of B. influenzae

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can be exerted exists before the entire cycle is completed. The predominant

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1 Urobilin was occasionally found in the urine, but this was due to contamination

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Striimpell, and other authorities have taught that multiple neuritis is

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cavity of the abdomen, the first thing which presented, was the

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decerebrate rigidity for forms of extensor spasm seen in man.

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In the United States proper, the order was not fully executed

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destruction, unless the focus is detected and the process checked.

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In the application of these reactions to clinical problems van den Bergh

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Epidemiology. Glynn and Matthews report a fatal case, in a girl

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Kokain-Antagonismus). [On the theory of muscular tone. I. The abolition

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or two days full exposure to light was allowed to convert the

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and these cases have shown the most remarkable improvement of the

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the gravity of diabetes insipidus due to a malignant tumour and that due

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prostration with complete anorexia and vomiting. There was some

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cases placed on the exophthalmic goitre list; (b) accepting the

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of secondary displacement, fixation, kinking and constriction, and