• Effective alone or in combination with beta blockers
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dilated, the right being larger than the left ; the reaction to light was
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during the latter part of pregnancy, and especially during parturition, than
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tributing the spores can easily be understood. Actual in-
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•61207 Stirling, W. Outlines of practical physiology.
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Allergic- pharyngitis and agranulocytosis, erythematous rash, lever combined with aching
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needless to say that they were refused admission. They were, however, care-
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At Bellona Arsenal, near Richmond, intermittent and remittent fever
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other I have mentioned. Any system in this country which will
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and those which act on it more or less continuously.
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croupous pneumonia, reviewed the subject fully up-to-date. He
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to obviate this evil, which were so constructed as to
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and checks were found to be affected with tuberculosis, not one
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culous infection of the wound, and in general this operation should
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sis would be interpreted as due to an inhibition of the absorption in the
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rearrangement of the constituents of the cell, and as. in all young cells
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tin* ordinary nieiliods ot" treatment liad proved useless.
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ffory, and the va^^us nerve, heart, vasomotor system,
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heart to respond to reflex stimuli For this reason, with the exception of pheochromocytoma,
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for the activity of this ghmtl; it may be expLained by supposing that '
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not direct as it comes up between the two sashes. The
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ists. — The American A.ssociation of Obstetricians and Gyne-
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subside, then decant the clear for use. — Coathupe.
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usually the first-named salt is preferable to the latter.
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ual as well as grateful to the patient. When the time for
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investigations being made by this department are; the ef-
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and infectious forms of peritonitis. The therapeutical pro-
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1955. Hallahan, John D., 104 W. Front St., Media, Pa.