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ers, an unnecessary expense attached to the spaying of
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technical names anatomists have bestowed upon the various organs
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incident to civilized life, to awaken the sexual instinct, and at the same
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from under the finger tips. Now, if after a moment or two rest,
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filth. The authorities can so drain the city and so thoroughly
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day with no recurrence of the hemorrhage, but a week later,
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familiar with the fact that many persons are old for their years,
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tangible could be worked out, which would be of great impor-
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It is with gratification that your Secretary has to report that the work
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an examination of that portion of the Appalachian coal
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received two doses of 0.3 gm. each per kilo, but vomited almost immediately
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many patients with acute coronary artery occlusion have
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processes of the sacrum, and ^eluding also those cases
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This kind of choroiditis almost invariably affects the retina to a con-
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the clinical and experimental observations which I have made.
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duty and keeps his kettles clean. In military life, punctuality is not
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complete, but that of the trunk is equally profound. In such a case
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possible. This is then left in place and from three to six more intro-
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the disease, and so enteritis may be also, but, of course,
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readings, venepuncture for blood sugar analyses, blood smears and
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protect the weak minded and the infirm. Governmental function
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the burn are tissues of lowered vitaHty which are not only unable to
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pain developed. An activated partial thromboplastin time
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with light linseed cataplasms which were saturated with
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Dr. Winn thinks in spite of all that has been said against the use of alcohol
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but do not prolong the search and certainly do not break up adhesions
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diagnosis of even much more extreme degrees of this affection has rarely
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22 " 5, Arm; 2, slight; 2, marked; 1, 1-4 inch motion; 1, 1-1C.