cause can be found we must use symptomatic measures; thus an ice-bag or
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warm clothing, and hot bottles are needed. During the hot stage
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Now-a-days one is tolerably free of this nonsense yet
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from the respiratory or the reproductive organs ; in bloody or serous
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which is immediately succeeded by a rapid defervescence, so
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as unnecessary. Samples of the ingredients necessary for testing
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Cold air, ,to be carefully kept from the breafts of lying-in wo-
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acres, where he delights in the vocation of a farmer, and indulges his
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Chir., 1900, Vol. LVI, 1-2, p. 184. Deutsch. Med. Wochensch., 10 January 190l'
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in a boy, aged 11 years, a patient from the Harriet Lane Hospital in
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want of order and system in his thoughts, he is likely to forget or neglect
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21), measles 14, cerebro-spinal meningitis 11, scarlet fever 11,
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the head of intussusception ; and of these, 25 have been treated
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the uterus, particularly in the folds of the broad ligament, or intimately con-
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cessors, and its final immersion into Dysentery and an asthenic form of
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the cerebrum. When "sdbration of ether of space, in
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strongly opposed to the idea that tuberculosis is contagious, and on the
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over the entire town. None were fly proof in the slightest.
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that they are furnished with absorbents, and that as they are sub-
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of renewed attacks of suppuration from the accidental entrance
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1895. McFarland, Joseph, M.D., Sc.D., Professor of Pathology
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I will give to these questions an honest, conscien-
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