rounds out the physical, gives animation, vigor, keenness, vivacity,

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adjuncts, such as vaccine therapy, wound infections had largely

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Bell, in his 'System of Operative Surgery, vol. ii., p. 186, does

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should be placed and changed as soon as it becomes wet, the wick being

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animals were now improving and doing well. On examination of the herd I could

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the first stage, so that these are some of the conditions you may find in

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it might with reason be said that there was an inher-

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to the face, and, to some extent, leave their impress on the facial

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bluish-black hue, which is either uniform or disseminated in patches.

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draining. Though malaria frequently visits its tenants.

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food is necessary to some constitutions, and there is no greater

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affections, hasmorrhagic infarction has no special status

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attendants attaclied to the ship was removed, as were

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factory than if bought ready-made — and certainly much less

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New Edition, Much Enlarged and Improved, Price, $100.

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are elongated as in the other species. 2 Larvae which hatched from one

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can have a specimen number sent free of cost to a friend ichose

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suckled by a healthy mother is one in which the mother became

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nals devoted to the caricature; and the demographic growth of Paris led to the

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the analysis of the stomach contents. The information thus obtained

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With the increase in the quantity of urine, the patient

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biliary tract operations, usually cholecystectomy, is

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cated (1) in cases of extra-uterine pregnancy, where entire re-

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for physicians in steel manufacturing and heavy industry,

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Variety III. Polymorphonuclears (polynuclears, polynuclear

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cock-up position at bedtime as an additional therapeutic test.

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certainty, I think, that the single name pleurisy woidd

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practice will certainly agree with me. "With this brief introductory

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"Liberty and Justice for all", or even the political principles of the

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