As far as the authors can find out, the spinal dura

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Egypt as a Field for Helminthological Studies. — The publica-

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(the ordinary dose of tuberculin used in testing cattle) being

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had hitherto been exceptionally favourable, it must not be forgotten

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very large, powerful man), in which the lower fragment

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Fig. 511. — Cross-section of lateral anastomosis. (Binnie.)

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ignorant of his duties. There are medical men who have a

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extending throughout the central nervous system; anatomically, it is

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chloride sodium bicarbonate solution (sod. chlor., 70 gms.; sod. bicarb.,

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the most favorable point, which is the typical line for ligation of the common

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dilatation of all the air-passages with atrophy of their walls.

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tively easy to make when the ensemble of the symptoms mentioned

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numbed, and the contractile power of the muscles is weakened.

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no elevation of temperature throughout. During the first week

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the meat is cooled out one should begin immediately to

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in question were painful; the shoulder itself had a decided inclination forwards,

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position is more decided, then an abnormal condition of the foot arises — either

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PROTO-CHLOEIDR IKON, 1-4 UKAIK; erai Debiiity, Habitual Constination, Loaaof An-

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organisms or from inanimate matter”;^ now therefore be it

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be repeated every two or three weeks thereafter. In the case of bovine

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of " the gentleman filling the editorial chair." Often, these

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January 14 — Pediatric Topic. Thurs. Contact: UOS.

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w^thier classes. This can only be attributed to difference in mode of life and alimentation,

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fulfilled. The real influence of our library is in the intel-

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will cause the patient to sink more rapidly, tending only to hasten

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formed fore legs, can never pull satisfactorily through a

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tlie prostate gland. These diseases produce local deformity of the

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Chairman ; Dr. J. H. Sears, Waco, Texas, Sea-etary.