shown the necessity of tracing diseases to the organ aff'ected, and of
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He next with bone pliers readily divides the remainder
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ing it however, a difficult matter to maintain this non-partisan poli-
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service announcements such as “We Want To Please You”;
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cliff, which fell on its stye, for the long space of one hundred and sixty days.
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and although now with the advance in the departments
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generally run a similar course. In the apoplectiform fits we have usually
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healthy. His hair is coarse and strong, and he looks manly and
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resulting from a burn, a raw wound, or a violent pinch. It comes in
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lesion implicating the optic thalamus, although we may not be able to
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could be almost examined in detail by the fingers, through the
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they have never been described in any species of Chrysops. Concern-
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extreme headache, which on the day prior to his visiting the
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such cases are of long standing, they are due to hrain disease; and if
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"In the United States it is confined to a limited area in the neigh-
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entered the town, despite his having been twice banished before for breaking of the
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12 juin] <Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., Par., an. 58, v. 60 (23), 29 juin, pp.
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complain of right flank pain. An intravenous pyelogram
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natural oil which has been saponified and washed out by the
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corded example of vitiligoidea, with the exception of
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*' In conclusion the result of my analysis, in so far as it has'been extended,
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beg you to indulge me one moment, in repeating to the Associa-
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minims of dilute hydrochloric acid, 60 minims of compound tincture of bark,
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" Yes, I think so. They are younger men, true, but I
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mould, and after drying is tired in a furnace beyond
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trol as other medicaments. The reporter has recently
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North American Medical and Surgical Journal for April, 1830.
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Chrystals of Nitrate of Silver rubbed into the bite, and thinks it far prefera-
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of opium. Marshall Hall used hydrocianic acid combined with tracheotomy.
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the tail becomes paralyzed, its skin soft, swollen, and filled
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few minutes. In a short time all the mites will have crawled upon
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the free albumose is obtained. At this point we may have in hand a
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while I have liccn occupying the Chair. The Society continues t«>
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hall of the Historical Society, I heard Marion Sims deliver
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From these experiments one can conclude that pulmonary
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the diseased structures by the knife or scissors. In arthrectomy
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It is a Cereal Food, Palatable, Nutritious and salutary.
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dant layer of muscular fibres, and exhibit a regular pulsation, like that
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result. As regarded the Ijacteria of py:emic products, he had carefully guarded
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* Profet^sor Buchanan said that the Society was obliged to