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plane curves, areas of surfaces of revolution, and volumes of

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Case 20. James Johnson, Ireland, »t. 65, laborer, admit-

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or ten minutes from the commencement of its apjDlication,

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Purple, Samuel S., 36 W. 22d St., New York, New Y'ork Co. Founder.

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tor, lie will cure it in fourteen days. However, give the

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for promotion, and from those thus recommended, acting

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St. Thomas's Hospitail (Fig. 17), which was deecribed bj Mr.

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with the stage of the disease and condition of the patient, is an

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the germ which causes rabies. Besides, counterirritants, when so

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rule. But this is our experience. Let few farmers, however,

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serviceable. Upon the whole, this Cyclopedia easily takes its place

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in length, along the eighth rib. The amount of puru-

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Visiting Physicians and Surgeons — S. W. Hayes, M. D., G. T.

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In future, even in complicated cases, I intend to begin by ex-

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occupying these positions, I must em]iliatically enter an earnest pro-

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guarantee immunity from the disease. The mortality from tetanus

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Doc— What does the first part of the word "rubefacient" mean?

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in length, and ftrom »V'" to -f^*" in breadth ; and the diameter of the nerve-fibril betbre

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use, is another question. The writer has made recent inquiries

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'I'liu gloves are hoiird for half an lioiir iiikI tlitui

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produced as a result of infection, c. g., leukocytes from cases of