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nervous system ? This is the most plausible theory. The vital powers,

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mencing on Sth day. — Mary G., aged forty-seven, admitted into

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tion of food often becomes the chief object in life. The rich

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PROTO-CELOIilDE liiUN, 1-a GKAIN; eral Debility, Habitual Constipation, Loss of Ap.

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Yet while we believe that in a great majority of cases

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1908, complaining of double vision and weakness in the left arm

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plished by the Bureau of Animal Industry in the last fourteen

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is firom the lighter to the denser liquid; in other instances, it is the

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Emunctories — Organs which carry off waste matters.

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On the left side a contraction is produced in the anterior tibial

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Estes, E. Harvey, M.D. (Emory, 1947), Professor of Medicine

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operational authority similar to Rutgers. ACTIVE SUPPORT.

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longer than any substance known, hence its value as above,

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fluke, (fasciola hepaticum,) and is usually found in the biliary-

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Robinson, G. Canby : Significance of abnormalities in form of electro-

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ter which all these cases seem to present is, that they who labour

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the brain have been removed. It is an observation of Mr.

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analogous to those caused by the direct action of alcohol on the stomach.

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faction of the osseous tissue are to l)e differentiated from the true osteo-

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of us who survive unharmed have reason to be thank-

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in the study of the condition with which it deals. This condition

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and OH ions are greater than those of any other ion. But if the

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now; so the fellow with ability to do a few good things well is better than the fellow who can do many things

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Practitioner, 188. Extraordinary Size of a Child at Birth,

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ease, and also by the observation of others, I wish to present here