soWhipple, C. H., and Hooper, C. W. : Am. Jour. Physiol., 1916, xl, 332 and 349 ; ibid.,
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but on a larger scale, in the case of a bed-sore. But, before describ-
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Infarction, then, is not due, as is taught by Virchow and Rindfleisch,'*to a
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cele or vesical diverticulum in an inguinal hernia.
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reported, of which 420 or 76'5 per cent are suicidal, equal to 105 annually.
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The removal of animals from the wet to the dry district
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add to iheir neurotic influence a true eliminative agency. We
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whose infant is confided to her. She infects this child. The
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Universities of London and Wales, and Victoria University : —
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scopolamine-morphine narcosis, 98 living children were delivered
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lisher also announces a re|)rint of the collection of essays and
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without injury to its structure or integrity, and which does
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5. In comparing the subcutaneous and intradermal tests we
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junction of the middle and lower third. He was climbing a
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