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being unmelted) had to be melted. Assuming 100° C. as the initial tem-

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in which Dr. Leaming met every reasonable, or even un-

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ers, having a craving for animal food too often and in

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joined the Physical Society, as a young student, until

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1902 b.— Chorea and helminthiasis. [Abstract of de Luna, 1902 a] <Med.

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artefact. But increased care in the handling and removal of the vis-

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where notes as to the lymphoid status were made, the solitary follicles

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Stenosis in the lateral recess is caused by degenerative liga-

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cent, the average being 0.04 per cent. The glycosurias are: 6.0, 0.0,

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upon the respiratory organs, or when associated with inflam-

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But of far greater interest is the poisoning by the various toxines,

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sacrifice the years they have spent in them and quit

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In tbis patient, a deaf-mute, rapid restoration of function was of

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from all the organs of the squirrel, but no evidence of multiplication

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the disease when they were killed — 54, 80, and 68 days respectively