509 Starch Granulomatous Peritonitis: A Case Diagnosed 16 Years Following Surgery

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shown to be necessary in dealing with them. Sometnnes, however,

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Dr. p. S. Connp:k, of Cincinnati, believes it is not

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ings in the wards. Before operations, the room was steamed

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education, sport facilities, and international sports history. Coverage

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The old lesions of the lung are surrounded on all sides by a

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successfully revaccinated, were afforded the opportunity of adding to

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cian. These strictures by no means apply to those who, by assidu-

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extension of disease on one side only, usually, and

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By R. L. PAYNE, M. D., Visiting Surgeon St. Vincent's Hospital,

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leara to fit their symptoms to the remedies as skil-

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upon the diseased kidney, and finds that pus is emptied

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interested in establishing such institutions. It con-

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and of eafy digeftion, not crude or flatulent ; the

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the blood lost the same proportion of sugar both in the healthy and in the diabetic

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study of many bloods suggests that from the size and shape of the

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hours. The ground under the old tent floor should be policed and

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almost deprived me of life. The wound was a very bad

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Puerperal fever is a surgical fever arising from the conditions

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I do say that it may be required in a case where the right

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upon the diseased kidney, and finds that pus is emptied

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and Milwaukee one each. From puerperal fever, Milwaukee

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by first intention. A child likewise overcame a peritonitis,

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reflexes were greatly increased, and the Babinski phenomenon

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calorimeter, the urine is collected for the same period, but when shorter

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That a Committee of one from a county be appointed to take

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Emixtlisma in etiology of fatty degeneration of kid-

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closure, a cystostomy is necessary, leaving the drainage tube

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life. If this involve the motor centres there is initial hemiplegia, partial

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inflammatory process, the deep intermuscular cellular tissue. Very slight, if