ing in turn into the portal system and thence into the right auricle.

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of the testis within the scrotum restores its sperma-

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December 5, 1909. Suprapubic cystotomy (Wolbarst) •

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show that at any rate this is not regularly the case.

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nique of its successful administration. Alcohol, cal-

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'Kocher. British Medical .Association, London, July 22-30, 1910,

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of allotted existence displaying its congruity with

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action. The next thing to mold public opinion so as to make it

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were 29 deaths from congenital defects and accidents. The

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Charles Haase; secretary. Dr. William Brady; treasurer.

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all remedial agents tuberculin requires the greatest

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olulu, Hawaii, and report to the Chief Quarantine Of-

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Infantile Paralysis in Pennsylvania. — Reports received

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ber 1st, Dr. J. H. Heavrin. aged forty-eight years.

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a matter of surprise to see how quickly atropine will produce

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the later stages of malarial cachexia, death may oc-