lotions, mild aperients, quinine, and nourishing food.

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It is not my purpose to consider, except incidentally, those

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bouillon culture and exposed in a water bath to a temperature of 58°

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BRITISH PbarmacopoBia, published under the direction of the Qeneral Council of Medical Education and Registration of the

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day, December 15th, at 4 o'clock v. m. Papers: Dr. Helen L.

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record (fig. 17) is in the nature of an anticlimax, where the plant has

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preferred the cotton, and he had found it tolerably effective. He first intro-

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believing it, if we will examine the whole subject with care, and do

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|backs of taxpayers, business, the poor, the defense estab-

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stirrup, is about one inch less than the length of the arm, fingers extended.

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State of Maine. For the Fiscal Year ending December 31, 1886.

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uniformity in obstetrical nomenclature made at the Washington

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lations; that is the portal system of the. abdomen. Here, the vessels dis-

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anaesthetists, such an attempt is certainly justifiable if the perfect

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egg, and roll them in flour. Fry a nice brown in boiling butter

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bag of sand is used for extension. (Groves, Brit. Jour. Surg., Jan., 1915.)

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Proteogen injections produce most gratifying results in the treatment

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pain and stinging in the skin. Each crop of spots would last two or

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She had a foolish imbecile stare, the face dull, she appeared to be

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showing that they certainly were present. Nothing had been given

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used to take round his students with him on his visits, and give

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A/rl?' ,^i^^^^' ,^^ri"^BfiltTation diffuse de la face par compression thoracique," Jour.

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that he had taken a little blood from his arm, on an

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importance to remove enough to get healthy intestine to suture,

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Thinly clad persons, or persons who are poorly nourished, tend

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recent years have made this .system the recognized procedure in our best

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which there was an autopsy) death followed a kick which the woman

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Dr. Gardner incised this ring, and as the bleeding was still rather

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May 15, 1884) where he excised a portion of intestine, includ-

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and points out the necessity of complete rest and other

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emotions and through them the action of the circula-

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had its invasion of the underlying tissues. In both cases a radical