University Hospital. B.A. 1974, University of Connecti-

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period from January to April, inclusive, suffered recurrence of the

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bian influence there began, says Pagel, "as the lit-

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is desired, or if any doubt remains in regard to the

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quickly exhausting the nervous powers. Both classes

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tic acid is produced chiefly by the streptococcus lactarius and

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Nine months Residence course, Registered Nurses and |

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upon the temperature. If there is collapse he must be at once removed,

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four to six hours in the school-room, and two hours, at

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In tal)c8 the reflex was absent in onc-lifih of the

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a cattle bath shown on p. 423. It should give 60 feet of actual swim,

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Eaiix Bonnes is another of the group of sulphur spas in the Pyrenees.

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seek a change, particularly in the country, until he has fully regained his.

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dilatation, dilating urethrotomy, external urethrotomy, external

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cannot be as fre(][uently applied as is usually necessary

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put into the fighting ranks at least a million more men, and the war

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add half a pint of good brown stock (this is the quantity for

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whilst all around him were overwhelmed particular field, and the results of the labours

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Lectures on Bright's Disease. By Robert Saundby, M.D. Edin., Lond. ;

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are invariably those that decompose the latter. For

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normal in total proteins in chronic nephritis. He obtained marked

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liiiiids of tlu; <i(MH'ral |)r:i(;titioiH'r to rcali/c^ tlic ;;iavc

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: 616246 for the treatment of tuberculosis in England.

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for a twelve-month, when lie was again admitted labouring

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As regards anatomy, James Jeffray had been appointed professor of anatomy

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fluence the minute branches of nerves developed in the fleshy

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written to you for a month, being absent on the circuit.

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*' 2. When a cure of aneurism follows from procedures lessening the

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phthisis. The pulmonary tissue in the vicinity of the tubercles has, at some

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wept heartily. When the pebbles were returned to her, she exhibited a stupid

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cases. The great protection is, do not allow yourself to be

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The cultivation of the grape invites the attention of farmers

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diminished elasticity of the muscles becomes more obvious about five to ten

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when they see Tom, Dick and Harry of their neighbors, each

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cul-de-sac. Extirpation of the sac of an ill-defined