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suppuration w^ithin the sac, which ma}^ be continued so as to involve dan-

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paroxysms fail to recur for several months, the doses maybe diminished ;

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of the fever wards." From June, 18G3, to June, 1864, 2G patients, ad-

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podium album, the bulb of the wild artichoke, a species of cactus known

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provement continued. He took, however, but little notice, and replied

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twenty-four liours the portion of denuded bone was so softened

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of the fibres of the affected muscles are often observed, and sometimes

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not appear that treatment based upon this supposition has proved suc-

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to the practitioner. As his system of test-types i.s the one reeommerded by the authcr, they

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the inner side of the heelj and is stated to have stretched from

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live the recovery was nearly complete at the last date of observation, and

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resistance to the movement of the limbs in different directions ; but, in

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forceps, and put on the stretch, so that by lifting up the bridges

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is, they do not proceed to suppuration. The secondary fever is slight or

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searches have led to the establishment of valuable patholo^-ical

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associated. For these reasons, it seems to me an error to consider the

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The increase in weight is due mainly to the taking up of water,

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ter followed the very opposite course to that suggested by

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or aconite, singly or combined. Chloroform as a local application has

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Peripherally, the efferent root of the nervus intermedius

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Amphioxus la condici6n mds prindtiva de esta estructura en las

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desire to micturate, passing only a few drops at a time. The sensation is

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invaded nearly all the crowded barracks in France. It has appeared fre-

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pathological idea, the correctness of which is, to say the least, problema-

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hemiplegia or general paralysis, which would be likely to involve, to a

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evidence of the nature of the disease. Moreover, I made an examination

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hain preparations and other preparations a similar manifestation of

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rectus or abductor muscle. The patient is unable to turn the eyeball

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progress of the disease toward asthenia is shown by progressive increase