is in a hurry to become a man ; the girl is in a hurry to be-

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The Relationship Between Coach and Parent: This publication provides ways

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Boiled milk has been shown to be more easily •liL r <:-t.-l by infant?

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Dr. Sands presented a tumor, on behalf of Dr. Parker,

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As for the footsteps of disease, they ought to have been

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in furunculosis and other staphylococcic infections. My

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Venereal disease. The International Congress on Venereal Dis-

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the only thing that does any good whatever — rest. By rest I mean rest

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tain the patient in a condition of health. Cessation of

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At the request of Mr. Spencer Wells, I once adminis-

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fell from his horse, was made prisoner, and remounted;

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who desires to keep "abreast the times," you should not fail to

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The practical question arises. Is there anything that can be done, and

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the relief of the conspicuous symptoms, more than to the

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