"Menorrhagia is the term used to designate an excessive loss of
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that all this early attendance at hospital was so much wasted
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and can be of any design you desire. The building may
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of the head. He is considered dull. He had convuUions
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liva is not known; Dr. Rush used to say that the medicine thus taken
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The size and position of the child in the utero can be fairly
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an explosive discharge. This, of itself, is sufficient to show that the
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James Henrysoun (a younger contemporary of Robert Henrysoun), who had
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search suspected boys, and whenever a pistol is found, the boy
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as the anatomy of the organs and systems, when a profound study of
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no doubt one of a small vessel, as indicated by the
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"sailing slowly down," Dr. Meredith is busy "overhauling rods and
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of the blood, or of the respiratory organs. It may develop
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walls being kept wet, and by greasy applications to the feet.
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is plainly apparent fulness of the veins of the retina.
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between some drunken young men, one of the party had his nose cut off
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except in the sitting posture (and this was forbidden for the time);
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discussing of passing events. But much of it has also been intentional, the
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numerous teaching conferences, clinical and basic research, with emphasis on patient care, under
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entire thickness, and resting by their rounded extremities
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Israel. Correspondence may be addressed to Dr. Krasna, Depart
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Torpidity of the liver is likewise a usual accompaniment of
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Doctors to come and see what it was and they could not
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treatment and contribute much to the relief of sickness or disability.
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also distinctly a blood disease, as it affects all parts of the body. It is
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the lungs were the seat of the diseased changes, and that
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Philadelphia, to wit : that the viscera of the right half
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with knob-like protuberances, like those present in certain non-
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the staff of the Hartford Hospital and have done considerable welfare