Psychiatry-. Associate Attending Psychiatrist, New York
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the special scrutiny of materials derived from the patient, as
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instances the child has been carried beyond term. Close
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near at hand, it is essential that they should be so placed as to be
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stop this process resulted in a thickly walled abscess
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winch it refuted fatally. In being called to a case of hemor-
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making a diagnosis of acute glomerular nephritis. The finding of
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spot for the development of pestilential poisons. The disease
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simply by the exercise of the muscles, and grace of movement, that
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by which their parasitic nature may be recognized, and in this he has the
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fronts. The service of Miss Simms, R.N., in the post-war days, in the capacity of
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*.* These three works may be had neatly bound together, forming a large volume of" Brodkj's
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were prepared for this nnmber. These will also be induded in
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development of dysenteric and putrefactive organisms. Arrow-
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curve and his abdomen was very pendulous. The skull presented the usual
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is to raise a fever, which must be done by such medi-
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ing epithelium or glandular epithelium, the arrange-
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and vegetable, that now exists or ever did exist, did not grow without
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affords the reason why horses so feeding lose flesh and be-
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Blood examination showed red blood corpuscles 4,696,000; leukocytes 4,800;
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syndrome— An update. West J Med 1993 Mar; 158:249-253)
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act injuriously on the living tissues, and in this feature they
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paring the years 1883-1887 (at which time vaccination had largely
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the base of the brain. They are much more abundant upon the
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policy on the part of medical men, is handsomely burlesqued by
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low Jack Bitters"; 8, wine and loaf 8u<»ar ; 9, " Microbi-
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fifty-six hours after operation. Post-mortem showed an acute general
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the urine will run and more than that is not needed ; the
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ened and endeavor to counteract that effect. If there is shock and
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feel pain ; but from the pulfe and refpiration a fkilful