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amount recorded on one day being 5.5 hours on the 26th.
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that the increasing valency of both cations and anions of salts increases
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in Edinburgh, and became a Fellow of the College in the following year.
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Anesthesia, from drugs administere<l by the mouth (ab) 422
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Radius and ulna, case of compound fracture of the 211
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frozen. They argued that the land floated on the sur-
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treatment of the patients being systematically practised, and
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course, much intensified. Partial deafness on both sides is one of the
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I doubt the statement that " Southern hogs are free from trichi-
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fully looked over for adhesions; several cuts lengthwise
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were designed by their authors, have been realized; and how
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nit. ether and hyposulph. sodium form a caustic substance. There is al-
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mal coloured portion to a narrow circle or crescent.
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is dissolved, it certainly forms an acceptable, as well as convenient,
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tal and biological monitoring for lead exposure in California workplaces. Am J
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containing only a little mass of pigment. In a case of sclerosis of the
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the absolute density of the electrical current in the
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Period of Incubation. — The conditions under which Malta fever
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is commonly applied in this country. The existence of such a disease is
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reasons, the experience of our author, while valuable to all,
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ten, and therefore the most active measures should be
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marked elevation in temperature. When pain increases pulse get hard.
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arose in the discussion was as to what to include and what not to
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there have been three floating hospital trips from both
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immune sera should a matching test show the presence of an' agglu-
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proved methods of sewage disposal, supervision of the milk
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been turned back and the dura opened, palpation of the cerebral cor-
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globin mound. These parasites are in similar stages of development; the hemo-
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paper in which he reviewed the history and development of
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pents, and even the blue ether for its winged inhabitants ;
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believe that the mortality rates of city hospitals are frightfully
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result is inevitable. The duration of the disease is as variable
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good of the whole country, and how much individuality can be al-