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point of the spring manometer corresponding to each 10 mm. Hg of

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8 Mummery : Discussioii on Localisation of Foreign Bodies

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Probably the most trustworthy accounts are those published l)y Bryce of

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medical attendant, — a capable man, for whom I have the highest

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iregistered at various levels of governmental activity.

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This boy's general condition has been rather an obscure one.

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The effects of shock under some circumstances are not im-

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rough, his eyes weak, sad, and dejected, and in a very

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rise in temperature to 101.8^ F. Jaundice developed within

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The purposes of this society are to foster, promote, support,

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manifestation, acute in form, lasts for a period of from five

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the fact that inflamed kidneys will at times secrete large quanti-

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beneficial . It is imperative, however, to make the diagnosis of

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repaired segment and leave it in situ for three or four days

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In nry opinion all wet cloths should be kept from the

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Specimens from Sheridan, September 1895, J. F. Lewis.

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stood by an hysteric paroxysm. There are, however, divers

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6. Hollinger, A.: Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med., 1909, 92, 217.

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