monary tissue, deprived of its functions, and of its normal circulation, for a

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and trust their lives in the hands, and gild the pockets, of such quacks who

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oil administered as in No. 1 ; result same, though quantities smaller.

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ments were located (Figure 2). The opposite side was taken

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of our readers that Prof. Bennett Dowler, of New Orleans, has for

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tongue is frequently coated with a creamy white fur through which the

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cause high fever. Calomel has no antipyretic action at all on

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than a year afterwards. The cicatrix when healed, was deeply

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and with a lesson taught him which may have its moral

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does not seem likely that the proposed examination will effect the

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life was prolonged, it was at the expense of the substances pres-

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the back of the driver's seat is hinged. The ambulance

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believed that the disease had been transmitted by vaccination.

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the powdered root. In the province of Amazonas no remedy is more extensively used than manaca ;

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taneous section of the pubic bone in cases of pelvic contraction, has

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not be able to reach it, and the nature of the impediment to its

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but do not increase the expulsive effort, nay, they retard it by

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ignoring this latter point that the White index becomes theoretically

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irregular thickening is seen around the ulcer, which presents a dirty-gray

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had thought up to the time of reading this report that the treat-

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distention was observed in this group of 100 consecutive

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fourth-year selective in Pediatrics that gives the stu-