arise from special conditions in the cause or environment. As the varieties
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tively rare. They are usually the result of extension from neighboring
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found the recumbent, or partially recumbent position, the
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tion, saving for a rainy day, or other essentials. To quote, with
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some time, working hard and late at night in completing his new
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tion, the duration of their action, and the methods
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fected mechanical protection was attended with diffi-
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circumstances, the effect of which may be easily imagined.
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Here we have a definite syphilitic disease of the arteries in a man
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Mrs. E. L. Zorn, Erskine ; Mrs. George Cather, Foss-
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the pupil dilated with atropine revealed the optic disc injected
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that is, it becomes extremely relaxed between the beats; and if the
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in its microscopical department, divided as follows :
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densities. It occurs when tlhere is a combination 'of such substances
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and the prognosis of suddenly fatal apoplexy wns hazarded,
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in large bowels with no evidence of accumulation of gas in
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after menstruation, the child will be a female ; but if not till some days
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tion of moisture commonly met with in those about to
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is an article consumed largely by those who become leprous, it had been specially
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He required that I should aim to see the patients every hour,
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observations pointed out, when present with a pleural friction rub
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the Local Government Board, London, 1898, 123; recent progress iu
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istry has done much in the past in the way of classifying and naming