and ears drooped and legs apart as if to prevent falling. On

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Although consumption prevails to a serious extent in the British

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where, but palpable in the left sixth intercostal space,

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upon the vagina and neck of the uterus, the superiority of

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as it also fills in the erect, and disappears in the recumbent posture:

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patient's home (18 to 24 per cent mortality). Erichsen's figures

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are usually denuded of mucous membrane, and the alimentary canal,

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The progress of parasitology is well exemplified in the recent

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and his statements 2 in this direction related only

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hysterical contraction. She had lived in London with her

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of Angesthesia by Lumbar Injection in Operations for Acute Ab-

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Three or four years later the ring finger in each was drawn

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for an extension often days. — Par. 2, .S. O. 2jj, A. G. O , Wash-

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chronic cases with typical lesions of hog cholera, and cases even with

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Case II is still more interesting, from the viewpoint of the clinical

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prostate in which there is a mechanical and more or less insurmount-

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Cold air, ,to be carefully kept from the breafts of lying-in wo-

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likely to be suitable and efficient, I say suitable, for

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it the lateral outgrowths ; it ends in a claw-like structure. The pen-

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the free interral, or inunc^ately after a paroxysm.

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sufferiug from wounds may be materially lessened. 29 Some adap-

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D. M. Campbell, of the Missouri Valley Bulletin; Professor

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to the original, which is divided into nine parts, and is illustrated

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member of society. So it is in typhoid fever, there is a longer

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never give a correct diagnosis and prognosis of any disease. If any thing

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to the world the almost incredible amount of literary work which

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any way satisfy ourselves as to the condition of that intestine. We

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restless, and complained of severe pain in the frontal and left temporal regions,

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tensive and varied cardiac lesions. Both ventricular

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should ever be allowed, except in perfectly secluded build-

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progressed, so the patient was admitted on the fifth day of his