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period? It is futile to contend that the innate selfishness of some

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in all cases caused by the invasion of the tubercle bacillus ; either by local

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fliiminative medicine. Thus, if a drachm of Urea be dissolved

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Fig. 347. — Septic arthritis of ankle. Drainage placed. (,Veau.)

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functions of the senses, the memory, and the voluntary

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Minnerly standing in front of the drug store. Although I hardly recognized her,

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presented by proxy may be referred to the Committee on Publication.

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veins, the deep fascia, and the depressor muscles of the hyoid. The

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attacks, the condition determining the hemiplegia was an embolic one, and

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collated statistics as to rheumatic cardiac affections. These are

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up the time of the section with this much discussed subject, and

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of sanguine fluid in each organ; and 2d, a certain activity in the in-

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after death heart exposed, and after singeing the surface, 0.5 c. c. of the same

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The straphylococcus pyogenes aureus is the organism most frequently

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ning on the right side of the interventricular septum. (From Howcll's Physiology.)

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confusion as to the conception of diphtheria, but this affection seems to be

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termination of the inflammation appears, also, to be as frequent in cases

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termed membranous croup and what we should call diphtheria are con-