shoulder blade and at the other to the head of the bone
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those scenes of iniquity, the reading of which to-day
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pressure, and so favour the entrance of blood to the eye. The next day the
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cis. And, though neither Pollender nor BrauelL, who followed him
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them do to you." Jesus of Nazareth, about five hundred years after Confu-
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dical offlcer present, who will be held responsible to the commanding ofBoer
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systemic delivery to the skin is minimal. 26 In contrast, the
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Obersteiner described the appearance of nerves on the pial vessels
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58 of the 68 diverticula were femoral, and the remainder were
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which from their nature cannot be efficiently disinfected,
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it. Hence I have felt impelled to record some of my experiences
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it in any degree a hazardous operation. Any medical man who under-
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give the medicine in gelatine capsules, the subsequent drink of
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Edited by BRANSBY B. COOPER, F. R. S., &c. With additional Observations by Prof. J. C.
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possible to drain. This was accomplished at an average per
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peritonitis). Definite relations between the condition of the intestine and
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for Dr. Linquist's Swedish Supporter, which she did. One
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unfortunate pupil, or towards the Faculty of the school, upon whom,
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aggravated and prolonged, may develop chronic head-
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my care, the patient remained coiled up in the middle of the
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adhesions were broken down and the tumour drawn out. The pedicle
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The wet meadows in the Laramie River bottoms, in some places,
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by smelling or inhaling them in the form of a vapor emanating con-
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ment, after being forty-nine days aboard ship, had to be frozen, and,
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tection of life and health ; these guards, for convenience, we will
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When horses as well as men are new to war, I hdicrc the
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assertion, I need only point to the incidence of persistent
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if I lose one out of several hundred of the most desper-
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miles back from the scene of the wreck where they were left
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fifty authorities are homoeopathists, we are a little put to our wits to
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Exophthalmic goiter is no longer so resistant to treatment
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utriusque labii ultimo fine, sive oris angulo, ut etiam buccas
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Previously to that time, surgeons had no other means of stemming the
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of the eighth rib with the sternum, and passed downwards
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State, varying in population from 600 to 35,000, and
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this Journal, namely, those on " The Movements of the Knee-
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