was some time despaired of, but he at length recovered, though with a
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California legislature, then in session, and used to
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monograph containing the reports of ten unpublished cases of
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produce speedy amendment, and when the lungs are merely congested,
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jc-ndice. A patient, therefore, with acute epigastric
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tions. He states that he addressed his work to the public to impress all
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Then if neither of these opinions be correct, in what manner shall we
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toxemia. If a mixed infection exists, the condition is more or
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by experience. The advice of some American medical writers of acknow-
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five pounds, stating that the pain in his side, which appeared
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Mslerocomeal junction and the inner canthus of the left eye.
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which are compatible either with ordinary length of days, or, at all events^
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it. The day preceding the next night was stormy, and
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rage committed by his pamphlet. If he refuse this, the public will under-
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tilation is necessary. Convalescence should be carefully
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and whether it will not be possible for the central laboratory
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other method short of hysterectomy is capable of giving the
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because not infrequently the sense of touch is the only
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scopic and microscopic appearances are so typical that
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to matters of minor importance, and so they appear to
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tract, and a stone was, probably on that account, over-
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away from canda and from abscess cavity. Complete recovery of
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With this brief preliminary I shall proceed at once
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later, unmanageably violent. The family physician was
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for doing first-rate permanent work. I mean by this
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antimony should be given every two hours in increasing doses, after the
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other than as direct indication of an early demise. I
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body. An eminent physician claims water to be a food,
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I shall not offer examples of the first kind, of lowered frequency of the
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in from a few minutes to two hours. The heated produced a
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sured that a piece of this substance must remain undigested in the stomach.
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her much relief. On the 24th tlie mouth became affected by ihe mercurial,
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of the vertebrsB, with interesting pressure symptoms. He had
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which so amends the statute that the quarantine shall be for
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