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' Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, by Chas. West, M. D., 221, Philadelphia

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most elementary way, of inflammation as disqualifying

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n.^ £:^:. A>\v\; r^ t,* lv'r^r.v.*r.r;, Vas a deasiiy of 1-006.

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and poisoned; gunshot wounds are usually considered in a class by

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cass was fixed by tying its legs to pegs driven into the ground. An incision was

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quick, and lie had incessant thirst and troublesome vomiting. The

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been intellectual ones. In Egypt he found himself opposed by

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Voted, That it is the sentiment of the Boston Homoeo-

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yellowish green gas is disengaged, which may be col-

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parts of the circulation. We have seen that its different ingredients

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Fleming in his work on obstetrics claims that Ihe calf is more

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resulting from injury, of which he shortly after died. I saw

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1477, and in France one of the first illustrated placards promoted umbrellas in

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fishes ? " and then, "Is it a snail or a fish ? " — then drew as above.

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^^ We do not helieye that luetin should displace Wassermann, as boA

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nal of Obstetrics well says, "In many cases the indications are

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then nine doses of 0.1 gm. each, making 12 gm. in first twenty-four hours; then

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the wounds from grape, gunshot, and shell, all these large missiles

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tions of other observers.^ A further suggestion that the typhoidin tost

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Neglect of proper exploration of gunshot wounds, note 25, p. 233.

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applied, the reaction of degeneration is found to be

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quent and with each recurrence there was an exaggeration of

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at the San Francisco Quarantine Station and directed to report

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the posterior displacements, as we have seen, (Lect. VI., p. 135,)

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Pills pass through very nearly as fast, and I have seen them pass

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the vessels; extensive adhesion of lungs; watery effusion into the cavities of the

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tion is threatening, Notwithtanding treatment, the animal dies

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diaphragm and extending to spinal column, ends of fingers and

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be if the organ were not perfused ; for example, the contractility of the

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to the community in which we move, of the lamentable results