finger or a superficial vein, or from the roseolar eruption. Streptococci

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by external sensation. In the first it is from consciousness observing

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also very rare in children (3 to 4 out of 209 collected cases). From my

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insuperable objection to its being seriously considered as a health resort.

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much cleaner ; skin cool and moist ; very little thirst ; bowels regular ;

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manage both, let the mental education remain as it was, and the physi-

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ammonia — freely, and by combating in a suitable way some of the

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of the Local Government Board, 1891-1892, Supplement, 1892-1893, Supplement. —

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the medullated fibres is broken up and attenuated, or may disappear

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possible to render animals proof against snake venoms, and to obtain from

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minute and practical knowledge of his subject — skill and industry in h»

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interesting as it is in connection with the development of the vertebrate

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with fat necrosis, that the process is due to infective micro-organisms.

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a negative may be transformed into a positive chemiotaxis.

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as soon as the blood is attracted to the lungs, in the first efforts of res-

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these years only that we can educe faculties, form character, and invigo-

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non-contagious disease can at once be rendered highly contagious. The

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properties of the apparatus employed. Occasionally the mere sight of

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left in boracic lotion until needed, when it is washed out with hot water

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protracted cases were evidently slight, but they were nevertheless pro-

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* Tba Medical Student, or Aldi to the Study of Medicine, with a Gloeaaiy, Jcc, try Bobley Du^

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the urine has been observed to diminish after the injection of antitoxin.

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file for publication. — Dr. Sweetser's work on Digestion was received too late for

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power of solid blocks exceeds, ceteris paribus, by considerable differ-

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this view. Dr. Klein has found the Middlesborough bacillus in two

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bacillus coli communis are not, and that the latter bacillus is much

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but few have, for imparting his knowledge to others. His style of lec-

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fever shows, by an absence of the buffy coat, that the fibrin is diminished.

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the medullated fibres is broken up and attenuated, or may disappear

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Fermentation is a process by which complex substances are split up

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The literature of influenza scattered over the periodicals of the last

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cases felt about the jaws for months. Much care in diet and in the

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place in consequence of relaxation of its tissue, and is not unlike the

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quoted from Westphal, where a man aged twenty-five, on the eighth day

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cent of cases, and in a larger proportion of female patients ; the cervical

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striving against the impatience of nature and of their inclinations, can

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tion of the same strength : before they are sent to the laundry they should

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is frequently thus active, and we have said that horse's serum, accord-