the elements of physiology, pathology, ami therapeutics; and

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are infectious and should be handled in the same way as those of

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Armen H. Tashjian, Jr., m.d., Professor of Pharmacology.

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pale spot is produced by pressure, the blood returns into its

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left out, gather as much of the skin as was in the swelling, then ligate

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a bronchus, is called bronchial. Inspiration and expiration are about equal

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the granting of degrees by medical faculties having

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JIarch 19, 1886, the following memorial, prepared in response to an invi-

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showing that the disease does not invariably follow these sharply defined

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you know nothing but routine practice, or what one has inherited

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After these external, and somewhat material, proofs of myolethe,

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general, cathartic medication is contra-indicated, because with

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probably tend to lessen the number of cases described

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ture was kept as equable as possible. The different

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a voice mail mini-resume to the opportunities you wish

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so long as the powers of the stomach and alimentary canal are

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lute value of antiseptic sprays for the room in such

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Example: “Attention and intention are the mechanics

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of the body (malignant adenoma), he will be surprised to see

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the same dose of chloral produced the usual hypnotic effect.

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stable, accurate and convenient means of preparing a solution

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and it was interesting to see the fellows consult their memoranda so

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trained in them, so that when the call of war is heard,

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ters of an inch below the insertion of the ligamentum patellae, and curving

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Jendrin, quoted by Ollivier (vol. ii., pp. 502 and 520,) has

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Tuberculous meningitis is usually, if not invariably, secondary to primary

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in general cases, be advisable to avoid bleeding after the second

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origin in over-fatigue of the Spinal part of the motor tract, Dr

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the prescriber, the books of the apothecary, which were sent for and ex-

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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He attended to the wounded during an

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soenie<l to ine to he most relK-llious t<» onlinary forms

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•Medical JBooks, Syringes, Druggists' Glassware, £te.

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bridge, Lenarkshire. He was the son of John and Agnes Hun-

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ther data are obtained, combined ISOPTIN and quimdine therapy in