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caused by crudities in the stomach ;" adducing, in support of his opinion
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from the sequelae of a fall on the nape of the neck. He complained
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over the windows and doors, and even licro and there in the corri-
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and after a few days, usually three to five, fade away, not infrequently
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promptings of superstitious fear, and vicarious bequests, vividly resemble the red tape and
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glance through the advertising pages of the journals will show
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"n-hich they are accompanied. Yellow fever has a limited geographical
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been in cases of this kind. If he could have the entire
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of the vessel, using the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid
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localize the thyroid as the anatomical seat of goitre. In his work,
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in her late illness, has been promoted to the rank of Commander
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in the fashion of a scissors blade. With sufficient perseverance
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Anatomical diagnosis. — Purulent infiltration and
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rise identically with a diminution in pH {i.e. a rise in hydrogen ion
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George Douglas, M. D. — The Tenth International Medical
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of our experiments. We therefore chose the maximum amount of
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this cerebral mechanism, any more than the keenest thinkers as
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ZB, On Hepatic Colic. By M. Trousseau. (Gazette des Ilopitanx. 37, 1860.)
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the Middle Ages. There is no doubt also of the sen-
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I obtained the greatest relief by bathing the parts affected
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he took his food and seemed doing quite well. On the morning of
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theoretic and a literary standpoint, as well as from
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A fact like this should make tlie management think. They may
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C.\SE I. — Acquired diverticulum of loiecr ileum due to a localised
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Stomach. Fortunately there are few gastric symptoms which need special
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leucocytes, added to urine which contains the deformed cells, do not
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fVoni henceforth to be regarded as a definitely established fact.
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these instances in large numbers. The pseudodiphtheria bacillus was found
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appointed time for examination, provided he jn-eviously
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of a drop of blood. ^ Campani^ believes that hemoptysis is the
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after admission, they were to be bred up as Protestants
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nature of the parasite, and of showing it to be the cause of various diseases believed to be dis-
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The body was examined twenty-four hours after death. The
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