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effect, we possess in this procedure a most powerful therapeutic weap-

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established in the lay as well as in the professional mind that it is

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danger of a sudden ending by coma, cerebral hemorrhage,

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stance ensued, due, doubtless to the reduction of temperature in the

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practitioners in the West and Southwest habitually employ cold affu-

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peri-uterine and vaginal structures. Surgery has very materially

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crisis in only about forty per cent of the cases so treated; in the

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obstacles are placed in my path by relatives or by the patient. Al-

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urine, have often been pointed out. Many clinical observations go to

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Men and women at fifty should begin to cut down their

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pital work is an absolute necessity for a successful surgical

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characteristic, but hematemesis occurring in patients sufi"ering from tuber-

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inence of the cough, and in some instances by the bloody expectoration ;

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In general, ihe epidemic traversed ihe connti'v from east to