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•Average of mean BP values over 24 hours at week 4 versus baseline averages

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by the Association referred to the Judicial Council

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patients with coronary heart disease and normal subjects by exercise

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three ounces of water, is an excellent remedy in allaying

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called for it impatiently, and while the assistant ran with all his might

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Dr. Hamilton said that the disease had been introduced

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obscure or unusual case where the symptoms are either

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as given later on in Bk. XV ; namely : ^(irKty 9IFT:, ^^^W, or

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glands and do not cause any inconvenience to the patient.

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been removed with recovery. As Moynihan said, it is not so much

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The drug which appears to be of most service is bromide of potassium,

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annexing to them each year some journey to parts of

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micrococci. The abdomen was opened and washed out, and the child is

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such as may be deemed worthy of admission ; which report, if

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derived — or by waiting until some positive corrobo-

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animals was so great that it was difficult to establish comparisons.

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sudden inspirations. It is often difficult, either with

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several times a da}- with a tepid solution of boric acid. In case

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one of the original members of the Connecticut Medical Society, and

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depends : it is the water which, in this operation, plays the most

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amount increases as the fast progresses. Perhaps the first decline is

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general in some cases. Blindness may frequently be seen, being due to

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regard to the nature of the case. He believed in re-

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The most important remedial agent ever presented to the Profession for

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ing room, where a table will have been held vacant for him. There

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it is transferred to sodium chloride solution, the spontaneous contrac-

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and after falling she cried a little, said she was dizzy, and sat

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severed part into his pocket, and went to the surgeon, who vrashed it in

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his wares in the rear, then brings them in front, to expose for

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University of New York; M.D. 1963, St. Louis University

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LAND, M. D., Philadelphia; J. Mitchell Bruce, M. D., F. R. C. P., London, Eng.;

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and can be relied upon as possessing real aphrodisiac power. The Damiana

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