By means of osmic acid the fat can be demonstrated in the form of black'

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may be more affected than the other. The legs are not usually attacked,

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. of an adjoining county, who gave, as his opinion, that no tumor existed,

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(x.) Finger-flexion and extension. — The elbow of the patient may be rested on

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number of paupers in the Dudley workhouse fell sick, and that a sus*

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Cause of Relapses. — Autopsies show that during a relapse fresh intestinal

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membrane of the root and adjacent tissues. The alkalinity frequently is an

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curving upwards and backwards, and altogether was a much larger animal than

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country with no friends and no occupation, and with nothing to dwell on

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but scanty. The pulse is small, and of fairly high tension. In one of the

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" The fatty liver is more frequently found in women than in otien, ia

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been the case, it never could have been kept a secret, neither pould

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The microscopic structure of a cancer is very simple, for it consists of

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were not bypertrophied, nor bad they undergone any oiber alteration of

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The stools and urine containing the infecting organism may transmit it ;

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bercle has been seen on the surface of mucous membrane, free from ul-

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moles have been recorded, but they need not detain us here.

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destroyed little good can be done. The extraction of affected teeth stops

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taken place after upwards of forty grains. Death has been caused by the

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obliged to the patient as the patient could be to him, and he often spoke

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in thickness, longer and thicker than the typical bacillus coli, to which it


treasure in the science of medicine, has been, and again will be, the

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popliteal spaces forwards, combined with a varying degree of fusion of the

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leave to ridicule no excuse to amuse herself with facts which reason can-

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the prison docs not lend its terrifying assistance. — We understand that a

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temarkable. If a red-bot iroo be plunged into quicksilver, it instaaUDe*

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who has been effectually cured in the couiie of three or four days by

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It is very important in testing the knee-jerk to look for the contraction

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curtains, and in a temperature of from 62° to 65° F. A steam tent may

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