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Graves records the case of a chemist who had chorea when he was seventy,
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the clear type, white paper, and large spaces and margin make them readable,
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gering as if drunk, and Insane delusions which give rise to apprehensions
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a towel wrung out of a mild solution of formalin was
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meister in " Ziemsseu's Cyclopoedia," and is quoted in
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Pinus Canadensis, (hemlock tree,) twigs, renal and secer* .
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arises. The vomiting ceases, the pulse returns, the stools are less fre-
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science. For those readers and students whose time is limited, and who only
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wound had bled most profusely, but the bleeding had been stopped
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cious, now became voracious ; the bowels still constipated, the urine passed
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much distended ; a full-sized catheter can be passed into the bladder ;
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facts, if substantiated, would explain the well-known great-