of tabes there is a history of syphilis. The clinical phenomena depend,
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were destroyed by small-pox, and has, in consequence, occa-
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avenue and Montgomery street, with an additional plot on th(
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Salpingitis. J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 1891, xvii, 204-266.
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the mouth by frequent vomiting. Martin observed a case of
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triamterene, and leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis
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sary relation with the womb. It occurs in men and in young children as
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less union of the soft palate. Sometimes one, or more rarely two, of the
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and who legally possesses a colonial or foreign degree, licence, or other
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no progress in the treatment of cancer until it became recognized that it was
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otherwise he is under the immediate orders of the division surgeon.
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Transactions of the New Hampshire Medical Society. Eighty-sixth Anniversary, held at
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quantities, is the only local application needed. In
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neys. The presence, therefore, of large or small quan-
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founding a gummy syphilitic tumor of the posterior pharyngeal
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uridrosis these crystals are mixed with epidermic scales, fine hairs,
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and microcalcification. Many of these changes— such as ne-
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of sinapisms is useful at the onset, and if pains be severe, strapping the side
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third of the abdomen, that the foetal pulsations were strong, about
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8. Medical Times and Gazette. Published Weekly. London : John
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this increasing inco-ordination from his friends, he braces up his head
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rial infections is the spleen. It is aln.iost invariably enlarged, some-
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faults. But we stated at the outset that we possessed neither
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and even then not more so, I am convinced, than we have lately
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surface of the lower lobe of the right lung are two other hard, black
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not be more than two floors of wards in a pavilion." 7. " There is
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the Fever Hospital. There having been only rare and
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to enter into any contract whatsoever with any insurance com-
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Additional information may be obtained by contacting
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gard it as indefensible. For we reprobate in quackery
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liy revalenta advertisements, insist upon their medical attendants pre-
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pains appear in the muscles. The movements are painful and difficult, and
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ner, Dr. R. L. Sullivan, Dr. E B. Shapleigh, Dr. R. II. Lee, Dr. W.
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four hours, and two drachms of brandy every two hours.
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Dr. DUNDAS Geant said his impression was that this destruction of the
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are contractile fibres by means of which movements are produced.
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