the garden — and there is a theatre, in which plays are represented by
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is at once applied in the position shown in Fig. 47, page 31, and
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or stop the problem. Finally, in some instances, the pattern
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*' sident and Elects Letters testimonial of their approving and examinri-
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notoriously more liable to diseases of a spasmodic character than
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are slower in action, and must be left longer in contact
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restlessly active, so energetic, and so successful in enforcing his own
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and Russia there have been cases reported from several
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credited with the following statement : " At the inspections of
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well, and the wearing of rubber bandages on the feet aiii
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and the blood levels achieved do not match (are lower than) those of two to four times dally dosing
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In that case the treatment of the catarrh, including irri-
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was expelled within the sixth month of gestation; the forceps were used in 138
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may commence early in 1M73. The Council dire.t that a copy
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crowded with an attentive audience. The society was called to order at ten
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should be cautiously and steadily decreased, as circum-
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SiTBSCKirTiON Tekms : $5,110 per year, in adrance, postaye paid,
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from recurrence of the disease within a few months;
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(1) Enlargement of the Anastomotic Opening. — In some cases this
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uraemicum). The patient complains frequently of severe pains in
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In regard to the nervous system, not only had the suboccipital pain
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The treatment is directed to the disease on which the condition is found
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certain neurones almost to the exclusion of the rest. The selective power
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•one of the evils of the artificial reduction of the birth-rate by
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and another and another if necessary — until finally the very persis-
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carditis — isoniazid — Salk vaccine — vaginal cy-
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pressure-atrophy and adhesion of surfaces at the line
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city and county, like all Aberdonians afar, he was deeply in-
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less than one-half of the population. These counties with
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necessity, and through common sewers, there is not any experienced
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one's fellow-practitioners into classes, but, as was pointed
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{lately and beautiful produflions of the foreft on the Ghauts,
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but capable of being clinically distinguished, and under the microscope
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Stoeltzner, W. "Foetal Myxodem und Chondrodystrophia Foetalis Hyperplastica,"
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tuberculosis, anthrax, and other forms of contagious
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other seasons cool baths at home, with marked success in
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according to some observers, owing to a veritable chorea of the heart ;
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November 7 there was no external wound, but tlie iris was
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and constant retching when the stomach was empty ; the eyes also were in constant motion,
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dozens of similar incidents are taking place through-
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to save millions of lives in every generation, and to raise the
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This procedure has the great advantage of being safer
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anxiety. Such actions have not been adequately studied or related to dosage
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a person with the asthmatic tendency postponing his first exposure to exciting