ulcer, 15 mm. in diameter and 5 mm. in depth, involving a lymph node.
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ranged generally in pairs, which prevent, to a certain extent, the re-
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albulactin, and their other products. The bestowal of this
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4. Isolation of Typhoid Bacilli from the Rose Spots. Cultures from
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eye, great diminution in the pulsation, and total cessation of the
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definite effects have been secured by at least two methods that are as
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paper, since it is impossible to give an abstract of the many important
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following subjects : Anatomy, Practical Anatomy, Physiology,
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Fatigued with the monotony and revolting character of this
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lows : If the protruded bowel is tumefied in consequence of gas
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cation existed by the ductus venosus, were not some more important
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duced into the ring and the plug closed in. He also
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that a horse has colic, and that certain symptoms indicate it, and
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althge, ointment of althae, each six drams ; amm.oniacum
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lution and drainage by strips of gauze. If the intes-
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(5) which consists in the implantation of a small piece of infected
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sanitarians. Their work in staying the spread of animal epi-
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In this series a clinical diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis was made in 6
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either directly or reflexly, on the vaso-motor centre.
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Laguerre. Our patient was a gentleman sixty years of age who
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before the I7th. There was an unusual amount of wind from quarters east of the meridian.
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that conduction occurs by the auriculo-ventricular band, Carlson
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their parenchyma, or substance. A healthy lung, when thrown
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case it can be already precipitated by about 3.5 cc. of alcohol. The
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the whole batch of bread baked that day to be taken
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ly minced parsley — then fry ihem in a little butter, and
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material. The stitches have always held with me when aji-
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should be discontinued before carrying out tests for parathyroid function,
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right ventricular impulse, seems to us a peculiarly objectionable one, on
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tooth. It makes its appearance at the junction of the cheek and
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but peroxide of hydrogen, and ferric chloride have not, to my