largements of the heart found in bicyclists by Albu and in ski
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Keith S. Naunheim, M.D., D. Glenn Pennington, M.D.,
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In both man and horses it is remarkable for its fatality. The disease
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per cent. In University College Hospital, in 1854, eight of the
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Allkin, William John, Denton, near Manchester: diploma of
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eviscerate the bowels. This cannot be done satisfactorily when,
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he occasionally gives a little acetanilid, which also relieves
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integrity of parts below the lesion is recognised by the persistence of
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dissecting bodies ; and the' same practice should be
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yer for the prosecution waves before the jury a vokinie
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urine escaped, to the great rehef of the patient. An
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effort to expel the child from the uterus, and unconsciously
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medicine, one of the most — if not the most — distinguished on
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It is fully realized that this alone will not eliminate death by
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characters of the various other typhoid affections with which
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or the lancet, the benefit or injury will depend on the quantity withdrawn
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Pbjsostigma, if judiciously employed, has, I think, a salutary influence on some cases of
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contain no cuttle fish powder, no powdered oyster- shells,
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vagina laterally is secured, while the posterior horseshoe incision completed
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the biography of Dr. Wm. S. Pierson, a short account of the men
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methods of diagnosis, have resulted from the work of British investi-
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have every reason to hope, from the vigour and zeal with
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and if the number of its red cells was counted, it would appear
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1913 number of "Clinical Medicine." While it is complete in itself, the reader lo ill find it of added interest
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of syphilis to cancer, once a neoplasm has been established the prog-
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alternating current also burns, but less severely. When the
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and systolic sound of the heart both fail, and death is imminent