a previous attack of an acute infectious disease, or in a coexisting
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It restores a fallen arch to its normal position. See the
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sn molasses ; and if this does not afford speedy relief^
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Part of The Osteopathic Medical Center of Philadelphia
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were characterised by shootings through the pelvis and thighs.
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You will perceive, by even this superficial examination, that at such
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action is weak, the expired air is cold, often times frothy mucous often
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Phosphorus is a Stimulant. In small doses it quickens the
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surgeon, it becomes a serious matter to attempt to force an operation
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take a brief inventory of the physical feminine attributes that men
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The spleen appears to weigh, on the average, between 4 and 5
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advocated failed, a subsequent sclerotomy or iridectomy was no
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ing vasodilatation or constriction in exposed glands, in mucous pas-
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months old. I was consulted by the mother, who supposed it
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area of decreased density. The plates taken following a fracture of
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(1) Lichen Planus Atrophicus, Sclerosus et Morphceicus ... ... 243
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the operation, not only to retain its natural heat, but even
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cury is administered. Even when applied locally, the remedy is
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taken as an indication of a most hefdthful condition of the
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it remained so during the greater part of the second pa-
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There is, therefore, in this case nothing left except slight gland-
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Table 1 shows the blood urea readings in normal animals and in
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certainly was not information required to pass the course.
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