the uterus, particularly in the folds of the broad ligament, or intimately con-
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to the other, although it would seem that the nuclear membrane brings it
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or possibly aggravate the mental disorder, he thought
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exhibited a greatly hypertrophied condition of the connective tissue, with total
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emphasize the intestinal lesions, but cases of this disease occur with
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principal seat of infection from food. Almost always ulcera-
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yond these, no other consequences have been seen sufficiently
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nodose ganglion presents the appearance of a fusiform swelling
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cal e " is in some respects a model of its kind. Ac-
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litical tracts that were issued during the preceding
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comparison decreased 7 "5 per cent, in Leicester the decrease was oidy
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the supernatant fluid was decanted each time. The boiling process
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water are thus destroyed, and at a comparatively small cost the
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swelling of the entire thickness of their walls, with caseation and
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tent, and forty of intermittent, the first being arranged
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puted. At the present time the position stands thus: Erythema nodosum
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will stop. Simple diarrhoea rarely calls for treatment, but
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technically instructed or not, we find ourselves immediately involved
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over a decade perfecting to ensure every patient gets the exact
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Vol. VI, No. I. Vol. VII, Nos. 3. 4, and 7. Vol. VIII, No. II. Address:
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Travers (Lancet, Sept., 1906) operated upon a case in which the
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marrow, which organs communicate the irritation, by reflection, to
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and Feline Siirifery. A Treatise on Veterinary Surfflcal Therapeutics of Domestic Animals.
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half a bucket of cold water, Avhich the horse will readily
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far as possible the instructor gives each student personal
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pression on the growing foetus in obedience to the same electrical law. The
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that chronic bronchitis may affect 17% to 49% of workers
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patient, being a nervous, hysterical woman, persisted in keeping
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the one which has stood the test of years, says Dr. A. D. Wil-
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composition of the urine occurs. In others there is turbidity