Professor Thompson, in his book of 1908 about medical travels in Europe
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j^ery rarely suppressed, and it ia so small in quantity, and so
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The left weighed two pounds and the right one pound. Both
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tecting the profession from deception, whose duty it should be
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Farley is a practicing pediatrician, former New Jersey Chapter
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give a dose of paraldehyde at night, but not frequently.
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upon a patient without telling him he had two chances
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It is tonic, alterative, diuretic and cathartic, according to the
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location will have to be considered; in some localities pigs
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solely for the purposes set forth in the Act of Congress ap-
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MARTIN, Henry A., 27 Dudley St., Roxbury, Boston — 1846 —
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lows : Board of Trustees: George Dexter, President;
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the transverse diameter of the posterior wall ; that
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I think it is also necessary to detail the chief facts as regards the
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18. Photographs. General Order 78, G. H. Q., A. E. F.,
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which were opened in front of the joint. His health now became
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these patients presented during a two-month period in the
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The following is a brief summary only Before prescribing, see complete prescribing information in
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§ resent stations, and will report in person without dolay to Assistant
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raise it to that state, and not above it. An irritant on the contrary, will ex-
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cal Center, Bakersfield, and the Department of Medicine, University of California, Los
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had been exposed to comparatively dry air all night, continued to
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inguinal, and iliac regions, and accompanied with symptoms