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which excludes the case in accordance with our preliminary definition.
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for several years, was found on autopsy to be in excellent con-
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It is not hard for the physician to recognize a typical case
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part of the priestcraft, and was taught by the minis-
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may be the cause of accident, or an aftermath of disease,
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tion of the serum in doses of from 1 to 600 to 1 to 800 of the body
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society should meet regularly once a fortnight at their respective lodgings, when
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or the acid lotion frequently referred to. Fo^nentations may be
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lence for cattle, rabbits and guinea-pigs, but lessened virulence
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consider with M. Brown-S^quard the co-existence of anaesthesia
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may be filled outside 'the ward and wheeled to the bedside, which seems
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the system ; hence the debilitating train of symptoms that in-
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should shun it altogether. Milk is taken hot by those
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of knowledge, treasure up every stray fact, convinced that it
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It becomes brittle, the leaves break off and much loss in
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stables, for which purpose one pound of sulphur is needed
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charge, diminish the- color, relieve pain, and make the remaining
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It is said that sulphite of soda will decolor iodine and yet increase its effect.
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dents. Practical instruction is given in the methods of making post-mortem
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ulnaris. Sensation was lost in both sides of front of little
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we are obliged to say, because the author is not famil-
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Augustin H. Goelet, of New York City. In a recent article
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public to the dangers of consulting quacks, and the
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a body said to be that of Olive Ashe, on the 4th of February, 1858,
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to include the foot in the plaster cast for knee- or hip-joint disease,
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being made for war, on the orders being issued for the formation of
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has been applied by Dr. B., with decided benefit, for dilatation of the
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area of behavior as it affects lifestyle — to be able to offer
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if requested through the Ocean County Medical Society and
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carrying the finger thus armed into the vagina as before.
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the book a prominent place among valued works of reference on their