Ether drinking in the County Tyrone is confined to two locali-

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in two or three hours after, sufficient castor oil should be given to move

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all that is delicious and valuable in fruit. But, with

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further combinations. Old varieties are often given new

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In brief, we find the nose consisting of two wedge-

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pains increased in severity and frequency. About this time the abdomen

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military ardour, fostered by attending the sword exercises

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He taught that pus, /. ^., consisting of fluid and corpuscular

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might naturally expect to see a statue of Pin el, unless he should

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the most virulent form oi pcrl-sucht. With certain cultures of

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chasing apples in the center garden. Hartzell and Cy Corwin have been fly-

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which results in abscess by producing this very orchitis ? Medical

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the rupture to heal, seem to show the correctness of the view

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lent among them, and their medicine-men had the reputation of speedily cur-

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to all the lectures given by any one of the professors for

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prolonged existence of many microorganisms than do other exposed mucous

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antifebrin has many advantages over thallin, particu-

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and preventable complication of long-term immobility or

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Human Emhryology and Morphology. By Arthur Keith, ]M.D.,

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the comfort, diet, and medication of the patients, the performance

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Association. This was probably the most important event in

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2 grains before meals, or 10 to 20 or even 30 grains of subnitrate

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he was qn active member of the profession. Dr. J. E. LeClerc, a member

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superficial diphtheritic or croupous inflammation is caused by the hog-cholera

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tuberculosis. In infected families, there are ample opportuni-

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Case 20. James Johnson, Ireland, »t. 65, laborer, admit-

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tion gave issue to 120 grammes of intestinal fluid and some gas. The tumor

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that ensues, Banquo alone retains his sanity. Erect

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during physical experiments. (2) Heidenhain's theory, which explains the

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