an unusual number of advertising specialists. Their cards, as
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pated where it is not the initial symptom. In coup de soleil,
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Headache was important in pointing to brain trouble,
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after an interval of amenorrhcea, severe pain, and rapid increase in
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150, Saponaria vaecatia. Seapwort, 10, 2. Tonic, diaphoretic, and
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supposition, that this was owing to the influence of some modern theories.
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transplantations have been attempted worldwide. Of these,
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are employed the discharge is improved. I treated a
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lege Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine in succession to
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and the recent thought offered in explanation of results. Men's
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Manner of removing patients by stretchers. — Some years
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child may think wrong but it is not necessary that he
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Roster — Mrs. Harold G. Benjamin. ... St. Louis Park
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patient at once expressed himself as relieved, the ease with which the
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lighted and ventilated apartment. The college students
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original, and we have reason to believe, was not thought
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add a sprinkling of salt and work the whole into a paste with
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diarrhoea. The sleep lasted twelve and a half hours. On the following
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During the earlier lessons the position of the recruit is necessarily one
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size of the track of the bullet, the escape of foreign substances
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In the nitrogen distribution in the liver (Table 6) the main point
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the nature of the food supply depends upon the country
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intimate acquaintance with the veterinary aspect of these questions
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It is interesting to parallel the progress in the same wound treated
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such remedies as sulphurous acid, which is a powerful antiseptic,
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cury is administered. Even when applied locally, the remedy is
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As you have seen, this bandage can be improvised. A strong
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an inoperable tumor, X-ray or radium should be used as they have given
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the almost unqualified commendation of the Medical Press and Profession
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Dr. Robertson in an opening lecture of this school. It was,