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held in the Congregational Church of which he had been a

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Center. B.A. 1939, Princeton University; M.D. 1943,

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entirely surrounded by a parenchyma capable of inflation, is

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Kidneys. The condition of the kidneys is more variable than that of the

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and is returned again, at the time of relaxation, by the elastic reaction

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1886 a. — Mittheilung iiber Sporozoen <Zool. Anz., Leipz. (229), v. 9, 2. Aug.,

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arrested in a sufficient number of cases for one to conclude as to the real

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(1889 a) . — Ueber die Myxosporidienkrankheit der Barben in der Mosel. 10 pp.,

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ful and repeated refraction, and the proper use of the eyes in

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from certain experimental researches in Paris, which will be

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every possible thing, and using whitewash and carbolic

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clothing removed and an ice bag applied to his head and cold water

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from under the finger tips. Now, if after a moment or two rest,

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else of importance bearinjr on the etiology of the case.

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2. Storage. — The storage of water in large impounding reser-

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the submaxillary ganglion, from two different sources: first, filaments

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all appearances young, healthy nuclei. Occasionally, however, there

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functions of physician to the inhabitants — Spaniards,

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dilators used, and when the cervix was dilated to the size of

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development of cancer of the stomach could sometimes

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better than before the operation. Sits up nearly all day,

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not to exceed twenty-five in each ; the division being based

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pulse 60 ; abdomen more distended ; pain not so severe. Tried

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remedy for the disease, as it is for syphilis, but, given in minute doses for

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be discovered by efforts to demonstrate a connection

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become less capable of adapting themselves to extreme variations

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distention was observed in this group of 100 consecutive

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occur in the most unexpected ways, as, for instance, in the case of a

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sion remains. The site of such cicatrices can sometimes be detected on the outer

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ever, a secondary complication, and has no idiopathic connection