Our Society, therefore, has two elements — that of representation
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the ordinary process of decomposition of the blood ; the experiments were made
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Imperforate Anus,^T 21 (Mary 159), with malformation of sacrum and
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on which they attach themselves. In the throat they
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pounds, or -^'-y atmosphere, and Waldenburg doubts if it is advisable to exceed 60
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weeks after the commencement of his attack ; though infection may persist
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Combined Liver and Small Intestine Transplantation for
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the 55,263 German army cases, only 59 died from influenza 42 with
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assumed that the expenditures necessary for the feed and care are a
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eral condition. With this may be combined chionanthus
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On entrance to the hospital the j)atient had a tem-
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counteract the disposition to dwell on imaginary causes
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and metabolism, blood contamination from retention of effete products
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ing, again resumed. Professor Nelation, in a case of inflamma-
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us that in all cases we should endeavour to restore animation, even when
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Dudley S. Reynolds ; on " Ovariotomy, with a Report
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condition of the caput coli, and the regions on this
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being large and solid. Dr. Crisp had met with many instances of a simi-
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it has been done, a detailed account should appear in the next edition,
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following officers were elected for the coming year: Chairman, A. F.
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shunting and diffusing impairment the least likely physi-
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case of snow or rain, it will not get wet. Then look after
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elimination is deficient. If there is great deficiency in the bowel,
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memory, this book is invaluable, as it contains all
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mucus and in others none at all. On the other hand, although
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A patient with Prinzmetal's angina experiencing episodes of
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but one dressing; in bad cases, two dressings. The animal should